Fighting Career

Professional Career

Ilias Bulaid started kickboxing at the age of 5 at his local kickboxing club Fightclub Den Bosch. He was always full of energy and his father thought that it was important for him to lose that energy in a positive way through kickboxing.

Everyone soon discovered that Ilias had a talent for kickboxing and soon he participated in various youth competitions and tournaments. As a little boy, Ilias has won every competition and finally signed with Enfusion as a rising star.

Ever since that moment, he was unstoppable. With two major titles in his pocket (Enfusion World Champion 67 kg & 2016 K-1 World GP 2016 -65 kg World Tournament Runner-Up) and 157 wins, Ilias has embarked on a new challenge.

Soon Ilias will make is debut in the American MMA organization Bellator. He has already completed several preparations. One of his many training locations was in Ireland, the home of UFC legend Conor McGregor.